About BBGR

BBGR is one of the leading European manufacturers of optical lenses. These result in a productive partnership with professionals and a unique opportunity to pay meticulous attention to evolving market needs.

  • 3rd largest European progressive lens manufacturer
  • 336 million Euros turnover in 2008
  • 32 million lenses sold annually
  • 70,000 items in the catalogue
  • 2,200 team members working in 9 countries
  • 18 distributers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa
  • 9 labratories
  • 1 mass production unit
About BBGR

BBGR Birmingham

  • Located in Birmingham, a few miles from the City Centre.
  • Head office functions are based on site.
  • A major investment programme in state of the art lens manufacturing technologies was completed allowing BBGR to deliver superior levels of quality and reliability to the business.
  • The centre for major accounts operated as a supply chain facility
  • Over 150 employees on site
  • Nominated charity – RNIB
  • 55,000 orders completed each week
  • Remote glazing – keep your frame till the lenses are ready.
  • Dedicated Customer Service Team

BBGR Manchester

  • Small, growing customer focused team.
  • Service to independent opticians and labs.
  • Located in Manchester, a few miles from the City Centre.
  • Glazing lab and logistics teams.
  • Growing business area.
  • BBGR’s national team of Area Sales Managers is always on hand to provide advice, training and material to our customers and their staff.
  • Dedicated Customer Service Team

BBGR Worldwide

  • With more than 2,350 employees in 14 countries and an international network of exclusive distributors, BBGR pursues the same goal everywhere: increasing quality and professionalism to provide greater satisfaction for each customer.
  • BBGR has more than 1,000 employees in France, divided between the head office, manufacturing sites and retail agencies. Half of the company’s turnover is generated France.
  • BBGR makes all types of lens, which is why it invests in the development of comprehensive industrial and technological facilities.
  • A European development, manufacturing and logistics centre at Provins.
  • A semi-finished lens factory at Sézanne.
  • 7 prescription labs in Europe.
  • 17 subsidiaries / 7 partners-retailers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
  • BBGR is also expanding abroad in line with an acquisition policy and a distribution strategy that consists in:
    • Transforming long-standing retailers into subsidiaries beginning in the 2000s.
    • Forging partnerships with market-leading retailers, particularly outside Europe, such as the Middle East and Africa.