What is the Responsibility Pledge all about?

BBGR have signed up to the following 4 Responsibility Pledges, part of a Government initiative, in which we are committed to taking action by creating the right environment by empowering and supporting our employees in helping them make informed decisions about Healthy Lifestyle choices. Responsibility Pledges are: 1. Health and Wellbeing – BBGR will continue to engage with its employees on a journey together of developing a healthier workforce. 2. Staff Health Checks – BBGR will continue to work in conjunction with its current health & wellbeing initiatives and flexible benefits suppliers to satisfy the needs of our employees. 3. Mental Health and Wellbeing – BBGR focuses on providing opportunities for employees to take an active approach in improving their overall health and wellbeing, via nutritional awareness, mental health awareness (reducing stigma and discrimination in the workplace), physical fitness opportunities, and team building & engagement activities. 4. Physical Activity in the Workplace – BBGR will promote walking & cycling leads helping its employees make good lifestyle choices. The Responsibility Deal embodies the Government’s ambition for a more collaborative approach to tackling the challenges caused by our lifestyle choices. BBGR envisage engaging its employees on the journey of developing a healthier workforce. To find out more details about the responsibility pledge, click on the link: https://responsibilitydeal.dh.gov.uk/pledges/

More Centro Awards!!

Following the introduction of the BBGR travel plan supported by Centro to encourage more sustainable travel and raise awareness around general well being, the scheme has gone from strength to strength. Since being one of the first companies to be awarded both Bronze awards for top cycling location and top walking location BBGR have been awarded with silver awards for top walking and top cycling locations. We are really proud of our success to date.

Centro Video filmed at BBGR!

With the Smarter Network project coming to an end Centro decided that they would pull together a video to showcase all the great work companies in the area have done over the last year, the video will be used to encourage other organisations to join the scheme. Being one of Centro’s most successful organisations we were asked to take part in the making of the video, a few members of the travel and well being team participated. Watch the Video

Centro Awards

In 2013 BBGR joined a scheme run by Centro to encourage more sustainable travel and raise awareness around general well being, since taking part in the scheme BBGR have been awarded with two bronze awards, one for top cycling location and a second for top walking location. As we we’re one of the first companies within the West Midlands Centro asked if they could write and article, click the link for more details: http://www.centro.org.uk/about-us/news/2014/birmingham-based-business-named-top-cycling-and-walking-location/

The Good Recruitment Campaign

We have signed up to the Good Recruitment Campaign! We believe that it is important to candidates that they see that the employer they might choose to join has good recruitment practices that are set at a national standard that many big brands are signed up to. We have a commitment to the 9 key principles of the charter to ensure that we have an excellent and consistent candidate experience. To find out more details about the good recruitment campaign, click on the link below: www.rec.uk.com/Goodrecruitment

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