Martin Sprayson

Logistics Team Leader

Why did you join BBGR?

I joined BBGR in June 2007 after reading the Job Specification in my local staff agency, it asked if I wanted a role that had many challenges and many opportunities, and I can say I haven’t been disappointed. I started here as a Logistics technician and from day one I was told that I could make the job as interesting and as challenging as I wanted to. In 2009 there was an opening as a Logistics Team Leader so I applied for the Job and was successful in my application.

What do you do on a day to day basis?

I now run on a three 12 hour shift pattern the Association and Frame departments. I am responsible for 15 colleagues I look after their time and attendance records, health & safety, Ensure that our service levels are met.

What are the biggest challenges you face in the business?

To ensure that our internal and external customers receive all their work packages and orders correct and on time. To ensure that all colleagues are aware of any changes to legislation or company policies.

How has BBGR supported your career and ambitions?

BBGR supports me with regular workshops to keep us all up to date with changes to employment law and regulations, I have been encouraged to challenge myself and to keep setting new goals and achievements.

Interesting fact about you (A bit of fun)

I enjoy compiling quizzes and as the lead walker for BBGR’s travel and wellbeing programme. I can use this skill to make our led walks more fun.