Sarah Reilly

Customer Service Advisor

Why did you join BBGR?

I joined BBGR in April 2010; I have worked in optics since 1988 the majority in practice covering all roles from Dispenser to optometry manager. I felt it was time for a new challenge and having never worked in manufacturing working for BBGR enabled me to go in a new direction. My working hours also enables me to have a good work life balance.

What do you do on a day to day basis?

My duties within the customer services department at Manchester varies from day to day however all aspects of my role revolve around providing excellent customer service. Over my time at BBGR I have enjoyed a close working relationship with our semi finished labs.

What are the biggest challenges you face in the business?

Our biggest challenge is to provide old and new customers with a service to rival our competitors in a very demanding competitive market.

How has BBGR supported your career and ambitions?

BBGR has supported me in developing my IT skills and when requested I am provided with relevant training.

Interesting fact about you?

According to my work colleagues I have and wear different colour tights that match my ever changing hair and nail colour!