Sharon Davis

Head of Customer Care

Why did you join BBGR?

I joined BBGR in April 2011 – this was the time when a new contract had just become active – the prospect of being a part of the team that delivered against our tough contractual commitments was very exciting!

What do you do on a day to day basis?

Customer Service is at the heart of our business – we have to ensure that we deliver excellent customer service to our customers – all of the time & every time! We work hard to ensure that we are all the time asking questions – is this the right approach? Can we do better? I have a brilliant team who work very hard to ensure that we keep the customer updated and informed at all times!

What are the biggest challenges that you face in the business?

Recently my team changed the overall strategy. This change was very much in line with growth & success of the Supply Chain – we have now ceased our outbound call process and offer and inbound service. So if our customers need to speak with us – they pick up the phone!

I need to ensure that we have this service right & are delivering against all of our objectives.

How has BBGR supported your career and ambitions

The phrase – ‘you can make a difference’ – is very powerful.

I feel that with BBGR you can do just this – BBGR is becoming a very people oriented business; a place that values opinions & just a great fun place to work – so I change my opening statement to ‘you can & you do make a difference’.

Interesting fact about me

When I was a student; to supplement my miserly grant – in the summer I worked on the east coast as a beach photographer & in the winter worked my holidays in store taking Christmas pictures of people posing with Santa Claus!